The Proposed Criteria


Master’s Level Admission Requirements

Admitted students must hold an earned baccalaureate degree that prepares them to apply the basic principles of college-level mathematics, or business and legal principles. Exceptions may be admitted with an individually documented plan of study to compensate for any deficiencies.

Master’s Level Curriculum

Criteria for master’s level CM programs are inclusive of those for baccalaureate level CM programs with the following additions:

a. A minimum of 30 credit hours or equivalent of study beyond the baccalaureate level CM programs, or CM-related programs, consisting of courses with increased depth and rigor;

b. Included as part of the 30 credit hours, is an applied construction management project or research activity resulting in a final deliverable that demonstrates both mastery of the subject matter and a proficiency in oral and written communication skills;

c. Advanced qualitative and quantitative problem-solving skills; and

d. Other academic areas or specialties considered necessary by the program.

Master’s Level Faculty

In addition to the general qualifications specified above for the baccalaureate level faculty, masters level faculty are expected to have construction industry experience and be engaged in  research, publications, or conducting training activities appropriate to their institution's mission.

A full-time faculty member must be identified as being administratively in charge of the program.

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