CHAT六廠 導賞服務申請須知
Important Notes for Guided Experiences at CHAT

1. 團體導賞以先到先得原則分配。
1. Group guided tour applications will be processed on first-come, first-served basis.
2. 確認預約後,申請人將於7個工作天內收到付款通知,並於繳款後始視作預約成功。團體導賞費用不設退款,唯申請人可在不少於原定日期7個工作天前致電3979 2301訪客服務部,更改已確認之日期或時間。
2. Confirmation of tour booking along with Invoice of the tour fee will be sent within 7 working days after Booking Acknowledgement. Tour booking will only be secured after payment is made. The paid fee is non-refundable . Applicant may reschedule a group guided tour by contacting the Visitor Experience Department at 3979 2301 at least 7 working days before the booked tour date.
3. 如未能提供申請表內所要求的資料,申請將不被處理。
3. Please provide all required information on the application form or application may not be processed.
4. 本表格中收集的個人資料將用於以下一個或多個用途:
4. Personal information collected in this form will be used for one or more of the following purpose(s):
A. 處理團體導賞預訂 processing booking of CHAT Group Guided Tour
B. 提供訪客服務 provision of visitor services
C. 編制統計數據 compiling statistical analysis