* 1. CGNA meetings have been held the fourth Monday of the month for awhile. This is a conflict for some in the neighborhood. If you could choose, which night would work best for you?

* 2. CGNA meetings have been held at various locations in the neighborhood. Currenly we're meeting in the Walt Whitman Arts Center at 101 Cooper, but we can't always have the first floor, and the second floor is difficult for those having trouble with steps. The Victor no longer has a space to accommodate us. We could explore other options on Rutgers' campus. Of the following, where would you choose to hold monthly meetings?

* 3. Meetings are currently held the fourth week of the month. Which would be your preference (rank in order of preference)?

* 4. Meetings are currently held at 7:30 and last until around 9:00. What time would you prefer to start meetings?