New community projects at BUGSS

WE NEED YOUR BRAINS! BUGSS would like to start up community projects, to initiate ongoing and shared projects to help engage more people with DIY biology. We need your input to what type of project you would like to see your community lab working on to help contribute to the universe of citizen science!

* 1. Do you live in the Baltimore/DC metro area? Which city do you live?

* 2. Are you a member of the BUGSS community?

* 3. Of the general community projects listed below, which are you most interested in?

  YES! I would want to participate in this project Yes, I am interested in learning more Curious, but as a spectator/supporter No, I am not interested in this project
Biosensors of Estrogen -detecting estrogen in our enviroment/food
Building a Bioreactor/building lab equipment
Bioinformatics project - gene mining or other
Environmental project/microbes in our enviroment
Plastic-degrading bacteria in the lab (iGEM spin off)
Bioprinting/biomaterial printing
Bio-art project

* 4. Do you have an additional idea for a community project that you would like to see at BUGSS?

* 5. What days/times work best for you to come to BUGSS?