About this survey

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) and the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) are working together on behalf of our members to monitor, understand and address the key service issues at a local level following the sexual health commissioning changes in April 2013.

As part of this, we have developed a rolling survey to collect views and experiences from our members working in SRH, GUM and GP services. We are keen to understand both where the transition is working well and where there are local challenges, so that we can learn from best-practice and address issues where they are arising.

We are also keen in particular to find out about the impact of the changes on outcomes or standards of care, and whether there are any areas where we might work with PHE to develop specific tools or resources to sustain and improve standards.

We are working closely with Public Health England on these issues and general themes from the survey may be shared with them or other relevant bodies.

The survey includes several text boxes covering a broad range of potential issues, and we would welcome any comments you may have on these areas, be they examples of good practice or a platform to raise concerns. You can complete this form more than once, particularly as new issues emerge, and you do not need to fill in sections that if that are not relevant to you.

You will be asked to insert your name and the service you are responding from. This information will be treated as confidential. FSRH and BASHH may need to contact you to clarify important issues that you raise or to request permission to use information that could potentially identify you or your service.