Township of Limerick - Economic Development Survey

1.Why do you live or have a cottage in Limerick Township?
2.If you or members of your household commute outside of the township for employment, where is the destination?
3.Do you live in Limerick Township but work remotely?
4.Please identify any businesses or professional services that you feel are missing or lacking in the Township of Limerick?
5.Identify the main source you rely on for finding out about important information and events in the Township.
6.What kinds of things, events, or attractions do your friends/visitors travel to Limerick Township for?
7.What kind of services would you want to see in Limerick to consider moving here permanently and/or start a business in Limerick Township.
8.What type of events could be offered in the township that would attract both full time and seasonal residents?
9.What would you promote about the Township?
10.What opportunities do you see for development that would increase our tax base and therefore help us keep taxes at bay.
Current Progress,
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