Exhibitors for MSU Family Science Day

Join us for MSU Family Science Day on Thursday, February 27, 2020! This event helps introduce both kids and adults to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics projects that are happening at MSU. Volunteers are needed to showcase their fields of expertise with activities or demonstrations. We'd love to have you!

We are looking for volunteers to run STEM stations or people to represent labs and organizations on campus and run their own activities or demonstrations. This event will be a science festival type atmosphere that allows people to circulate around to various stations at their own pace.

The event is held in the SUB, we host ~150 5th graders for an hour in the mid-morning. The public is invited from 5pm to 7pm and we usually have 250-300 additional visitors. We encourage you to participate in both sessions, but if you can only do one, that's OK. You can leave supplies and materials in this secure space between the two sessions and another volunteer can run your station.

If you need help developing an activity or want to hear about past STEM events and exhibits, please email jcornish@montana.edu.

This is a high energy event that is well received by participants. Please join us this year!