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 FSM March Cover

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* 1. What did you think of these feature articles in the March issue?

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Form & Figure: Hand-painting charges a war elephant
Airbrushing and Finishing:Field-camouflage a Zero like a pro
Advance an Abrams: Details and weathering for an M1A2
This Hurricane's a breeze: Easy alternatives from the aftermarket
Sails for plastic ships: Shiny styrene is for landlubbers
Show Gallery: Military Miniature Society of Illinios
Disc camo for a Jagdpanzer: Stencils and weathering are key
Build an aged Dr.I: A bargain find of a fancy fighter
Builder Basics: Filling gaps with super glue
Final Details: Memories of a Marauder

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* 2. How satisfied are you with the March issue of FineScale Modeler magazine?