PFMD Metrics Selector for Patient Engagement 

The Beta Metrics Selector has been in Public Consultation from April to September 2022. One key recommendation to boost the use of the Metrics Selector has been to expand the set of metrics beyond the Clinical Trial phase.

Thank you for your interest in the Metrics Selector. This survey has been designed to collect suggestions from the community to reflect on new metrics to embed in the current repository.  

The Metrics Selector team will review the proposed metrics and consider for inclusion in the following release. 

If you want to know more about the Metrics Selector you can go here. If you want to come back to the tool you please click here.

Data protection and management 
We will not be collecting any identifiable information about you. The information collected in this survey will be utilized only for this project. Your responses will be kept confidential and only shared with the PFMD project team in order to improve this work. All responses will be aggregated to provide a picture of how this work is perceived and might be used in communication as part of the outcomes of this work. No identifying data will be shared with the public.
Questions and more information
Please contact the PFMD team if you have any questions by sending an email to Please refer to ‘Patient Engagement Metrics Selector’.

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* 3. How much experience do you have in patient engagement? Please choose from the following options

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* 4. How much experience do you have in monitoring and evaluating activities related to patient engagement? Please choose from the following options

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