Diet Analysis of Gulf Coast Fishes

Thanks very much for your interest. We are looking to collaborate with marine business owners (bait shops and marinas) on a research project involving collection of the recreational fishery stocks in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Our primary interest is in promoting and optimizing fishery use for the benefit of stakeholders and the resource. To do this we are interested in understanding diet information of selected fished stocks. The information we develop will help the states’ and federal management authorities to develop strategies to make the best and most sustainable use of the Gulf of Mexico’s fishery resources.

What will you need to do?
The collaboration will involve your placing chest freezers at your business that will act as collection locations.

Collection locations will consist of chest freezers, purchased by us, and left at your place of business. At each collection location we will also leave bags and labels. The intention is to have anglers, after they have filleted their catch, deposit carcasses of selected fish species in the freezer along with some contact information and the date and location (approximate) that the fish was caught.

Will this be a lot of work?
No, it will not. We will provide bags for fish carcasses and come frequently to clean the freezers, update our "most wanted list", and make sure there are bags and labels. We will provide everything needed for the project.

How will you benefit?
In addition to helping understand the ecology of fish in the northern Gulf of Mexico we will be offering cash bounties for some species - we are especially interested in: Red snapper, Tilefish, Red grouper, Yellowtail snapper, Vermillion snapper, Yellowedge grouper, Black grouper, King mackerel, Red drum, and Lane snapper. These bounties will be paid to you. . Additionally, we will be compensating each participating business with a flat rate participation fee as well as leaving the freezer for your private use after the study is concluded.

Please let us know if you are interested! Thanks very much, Robert

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* 2. I interact with customers interested in fishing and they regularly fillet and discard carcasses of their catch nearby.

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* 3. I have space for a freezer.

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