Equity Committee Family Feedback Survey

We are the new Equity Committee of Howard Parent Council and we are looking to gather feedback from the Howard community to help us set priorities for the upcoming years.  We have prepared this exploratory survey to assess themes and possible priorities for the Howard community.   We understand that funding may be required to implement equity programming, and the Equity Committee will use the results of the survey to advocate for no-cost programs as well as to request funds from parent council and other sources. 

The TDSB defines equity in their Enhancing Equity Task Force Report:  

The TDSB recognizes that certain groups in our society are treated inequitably:

         because of individual and systemic biases related to race, colour, creed, culture, 

         ethnicity, linguistic origin, disability, socio-economic class, age, ancestry, nationality, 

         place of origin, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, 

         family status, and marital status. Similar biases have also impacted First Nations, 

         Métis, and Inuit populations.” (Adapted from the TDSB, Draft Equity Policy, p.2)    

Equity means:

·       acknowledging historical and present discrimination against these groups

·       removing barriers to opportunity

·       eliminating discrimination

·       remedying the impact of past discrimination

Equity aims to achieve equality for all by responding to the needs of individuals, not by treating everyone the same.

Question Title

* 1. Addressing the following equity priorities are important to the school community

  Don't Know Not Important Neutral Important Very Important
Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation
Cultural Diversity
Physical Difference and Disability
Indigenous Issues
Mental Health (anxiety, depression, autism, other)

Question Title

* 2. Do you have equity priorities not listed above?

Question Title

* 3. The following projects/initiatives would be helpful to address equity issues

Question Title

* 4. What other projects or initiatives would you like to see?

Question Title

* 5. So far, in my experience, Howard has addressed equity issues

  Don't know Insufficiently Neutral Well Very WEll
How well has Howard PS addressed equity issues?

Question Title

* 6. What do you think Howard has done well to address equity issues, provide examples?

Question Title

* 7. Any other feedback or comments? Please share!