We are recruiting a select group of people in the area to participate in a discussion to better understand their lifestyle/purchasing habits. If you qualify we will ask you to take part in a 2 hour in home interview where a team of 3 – 4 researchers will come to your home for a casual conversation about lifestyle/purchasing habits. For this portion of the research you will receive $200 for your time and opinions. Following the
in-home interview you may be selected for a follow up interview where a team of 2 researchers will return to your home with follow up questions. This portion of the research will last 3 – 4 hours and will be video taped. This video may be used (by the client) to share with buyers at retail locations but will not be shared publicly for advertisement/commercial purposes. For this portion of the research you will receive an additional $300.  IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS STUDY YOU MUST FILL OUT THE ENTIRE SURVEY.  If you qualify we will call you and schedule a time for the first portion of the study.