1. DMA Financial Services Company of the Year Eligibility & Criteria

The DMA Financial Services Company of the Year Award is selected from among your nominations* and the subsequent vote of the nominating committee made up of previous winners and council members.

Any financial services company, regardless of distribution channel employed, which uses the direct marketing concept as a strategic tool in both online and traditional media, focusing on business-to-business or consumer markets.

• Has displayed consistent use, as well as achievement and a high level of competence, in integrating "state of the art" online and traditional direct marketing techniques, along with a proven pattern of improved results that can be documented and demonstrated as the result of the application of the direct marketing concept.
• Has proven to produce good corporate citizens and improve business while adhering to ethical business practices.
• Active in industry organizations and a willing contributor to enhancing the overall image and profit potential of the financial services industry using the direct marketing concept in all media channels.

Description of Accomplishments

a) Database Structure and Applications: Unique elements of the database structure and its application to the specific project or general business of the nominated company.

b) Media Integration: The utilization of multimedia applications (including direct mail, email, mobile, online, video, space, telemarketing, broadcast, and alternative media) resulting in the generation of paid business in a single channel of distribution, or in multiple distribution channels.

c) Market Definition, Identification and/or Segmentation: The successful application of a unique market definition or identification, and/or the successful application of unique market segmentation techniques resulting in the generation of paid business in the invitation to inquire or invitation to contact environments.

d) Offer Development: The unique terms promoting a specific insurance or financial services product or service resulting in the generation of paid business in the invitation to inquire or the invitation to contact environments.

e) Strategy or Tactics: A unique strategy or combination of strategies that result in: a significant paradigm shift of the nominated company’s direct, and/or an increase in its profitability, efficiency and competitive position.


A unique tactic, or set of tactics, that result in a clearly documented success measured by significant increases in the business represented by the tactic or set of tactics in such areas like third party marketing, broad marketing, internal or policy owner marketing and relationship marketing.

*Nominee must be a DMA Member Company.

Please complete this form by July 20, 2012.

Award will be presented at a special event at DMA12, Oct. 15, in Las Vegas, NV.

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