Thank you for taking part in our short survey to discuss your views and experiences around energy. As a resident of NY, your views directly inform the approach in the development of programs at Energy Allies. We will use this data to develop a tailored energy justice training program in New York that addresses gaps in knowledge and facilitates greater participation in the energy system from all members of the community. 

Our brief form is split into 4 sections and should take you less than 15 minutes. The required portions are noted with a red asterisk (*).

For questions, please contact us at elukens-day@energy-allies.org.

We appreciate your time and input!

About us:
  • Energy Allies is a 501c3 nonprofit working to revolutionize the energy industry by working with communities most impacted by climate change to ensure they lead local clean energy solutions. 
  • Staff within Energy Allies will analyze the data from survey responses. All of your answers are anonymous unless otherwise noted. Your individual answers to this survey will not be published nor shared externally. Any data later displayed will be aggregated across all responses. If you wish to enter our raffle to win one of three $50 gift cards and/or schedule a time to discuss your responses, please provide your name and email address at the end of the survey, though note that this will void anonymity.