Overview & Purpose of the Frank Springer Award

Who was Frank Springer?

Frank Springer was an Assistant Fire Chief who served Solano County residents from 1975 to 1998 in the Vallejo Fire Department. Assistant Chief Springer was recognized for his outstanding work by receiving multiple promotions throughout his career as a firefighter. He was promoted to Fire Engineer, Fire Captain, Fire Inspector, Fire Training Officer, and Assistant Fire Chief. During Assistant Chief Springer's time of faithful service he also provided CPR instruction to both public and private sector businesses and non-profit organizations. He was a highly respected leader in the EMS community. He was a loving, caring, dynamic individual that made himself readily available and was appreciated by all he came in contact with. Assistant Chief Springer identified what was to be accomplished by task, promptly committed to it and brought about success of the task by using his resources of people. Assistant Chief Springer had the ability to process avenues for success along with overcoming roadblocks. Big or small, sacrifice is about doing something you may or may not have wanted to do. Assistant Chief Springer sacrificed for the good of his fellow employees, his citizenry, his superiors, and especially his loved ones. Sadly the EMS community lost Assistant Chief Springer to cancer. The Frank Springer Award was created to memorialize Assistant Chief Springer's virtue and character and contributions to the community.

Purpose of the Frank Springer Award:

Assistant Chief Springer's commitment and contributions to the EMS community are being honored through the issuance of the Frank Springer Award. The Frank Springer Award is designed to recognize an individual for his or her outstanding commitment and contributions to improving emergency medical services for the people living in Solano County.