FReeZa - The Gathering

Help Shape Events in Stawell

Saturday July 27

10am to 3pm

Stawell Neighbourhood house - morning
Stawell Town Hall - afternoon.

Grampians Community Health, Stawell Neighbourhood House and Stawell Performing Arts Company Inc have banded together to get a small government grant to run 6 Drug and Alcohol free FReeZa events over the next  3 years.

This FReeZa funding is for people aged between 12 and 25 to pull together their own events with the support of mentors in the Stawell community who have event management skills.

To commence this program we are having a Brainstorming Party/Gathering of young people starting at the Stawell Neighbourhood House
10am -3pm
Saturday 27th July 2019
to look at what we have in the area already for young people, and listen to what young people in the group would like to do in the future, and make a plan to support these people to implement their ideas.

Presenter : Carly Flecknoe Festival Director of the Grampians Music Festival since 2017 will facilitate the Gathering of Ideas and pass on some insights into the world of running a music festival.

The Gathering will discuss

What have we got already happening in and around Stawell, Halls Gap, Pomonal, Great Western and Navarre?

What do young people want to run?

How can they get their ideas happening?

Let us know your thoughts by any or all of the following by

- Coming to  The Gathering

- Completing this online Survey (only 15 easy questions)

- Find us on Facebook and Post comments @ #FReeZa #TheGathering

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* 1. Please provide your name

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* 2. Please provide your email address

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* 3. Are you aged between 12 and 25 years old?

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* 4. Have you attended or performed at an event in the last year?

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* 5. If so, what was the name of the event?

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* 6. If so, what did you like about the event? 

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* 7. If so, what could be done to improve this type of event?

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* 8. If you have not attended any events in the past year, what has stopped you from attending?

for example Transport/cost/location/venue access/time of day

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* 9. What type of event would you like to attend or be involved in?

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* 10. Do you want to be involved in Planning and organising events for young people in the Greater Stawell area?

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* 11. Would you like to learn how to run an event?

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* 12. Would you like to learn how to set up stage lighting or learn how to be a Roady for live music performers? 

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* 13. Would you like to create event posters or write event blogs?

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* 14. Would you like to volunteer for FReeZa and learn new skills in event management?

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* 15. Would you like to have a go at being involved at getting a FReeZa event happening locally?

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