Thank you in advance for completing this survey. The faculty, administration, and Policy & Planning sub-committee of the School Board are interested in your feedback regarding your most important reason for enrolling in St. Pius V, the prekindergarten through grade eight organizational structure at St. Pius V School, and possible changes to the uniform regulations about dress shoes.

* 1. Please indicate the #1 reason that you enroll your child(ren) at St. Pius V School.     WE ARE AWARE THAT YOU MAY CHOOSE ST. PIUS FOR SEVERAL REASONS. PLEASE SELECT ONLY YOUR  MOST IMPORTANT REASON. 

* 2. Are you in favor of changing the current prekindergarten through grade eight educational structure to a different educational organization in which some grades, either lower or  higher, might be eliminated or housed in different locations?  Please state reasons in comment box.

* 3. The current Student Handbook states that dress shoes are to be worn with the student's dress school uniform. 

Are you in favor of the following change to the uniform dress code regarding footwear?
FOOTWEAR: Dress shoes in navy, black, or brown. Shoe laces must coordinate with the shoe color. Sneakers are also acceptable to wear with the dress school uniform. Only ALL black or navy sneakers (INCLUDING SOLES) can be worn with the uniform.

* 4. Please rate your satisfaction with the new ParentsWeb online access to grade book and other school related information.

* 5. Please rate your satisfaction with the new text to parents' phones
feature and online access to the "Tuesday take home Newsletter".

* 6. Please rate your satisfaction with the new snack bar at St. Pius V School.

* 7. Please add any additional comments you wish to make about your experience at St. Pius V School. 

Thank you for completing this survey. As always, your input helps us plan for the future and make ongoing improvements at St. Pius V School.