1. Cast Your Vote for the Kudos Awards!

Thanks for taking a moment to cast your vote for your favorite second- or third-tier convention city. Please indicate the city and the state, as well as the service, restaurant, venue, or feature that made you choose that city for that particular award category. In making your selections, keep in mind that the Kudos Awards recognize second- and third-tier cities, so steer clear of the country’s top ten convention destinations in casting your vote. Thanks!

In your opinion, which second- or third-tier convention city has the:

* 1. Most Unusual Special Event Venue?

* 2. Best Attendee-Building CVB Service?

* 3. Most Innovative Convention Center Design?

* 4. Coolest Restaurant for Dine-Arounds?

* 5. Easiest Airport to Get into and out of?

* 6. Trendiest Convention Center Tech Feature/Service?

* 7. Most Fun Downtown After Dark?

* 8. Best Convention Center Food?

* 9. Best "Undiscovered" Art or Cultural Museum?

* 10. Best Attractions for Kids?