For Community Partners, Non Profits, Before/After School Programs, Businesses and Elected Officials.

This survey creates an important source of information for district and school teams to use when they develop their improvement plans.

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* 1. Indicator 3. 1:  Inclusiveness, Recruitment and Participation - Multiple pathways and feedback loops promote genuine partnerships among all stakeholder groups.

Components include:
*All stakeholder groups are recruited with equal opportunity to
participate on committees and teams that address school policy
and implementation decisions.
*All stakeholder groups are represented and meaningfully
engaged in school committees and teams.
*A clear, formalized process is in place for stakeholder groups to
serve as volunteers within and outside of the school environment.
*School uses stakeholder data when making important decisions.

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* 2. Indicator 3.2:  Communication Systems to Gather and Share information - Communication systems are effective, transparent and multifaceted to ensure ongoing two-way communication.

Components include:
*Communication systems are in place to develop and sustain
active working relationships among educators and stakeholder
*Systems are in place to inform stakeholder groups about student
progress in a timely, relevant, and meaningful manner.
*Systems are in place to assess the perceived quality of the
communication between the school and stakeholder groups.
*Systems are in place to ensure all stakeholder groups have
access to school information and are able to participate in public
meetings and activities.
*Systems are in place to ensure stakeholder group equity of voice
in decision-making

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* 3. Indicator 3.3: Review and Incorporate Stakeholder Input - Stakeholder input is valued and genuine partnerships are established and maintained

Components include:
*Stakeholder input is reviewed by School Leadership Team to
determine what school and community resources are needed and
available, and to create clear processes to access these
*Stakeholder input is incorporated into policy and implementation
decisions and includes opportunities for constructive feedback,
suggestions and questions.