* 1. Are you interested in participating in a LGBTQA Western PA Bloggers Summit in June 2012? The goal is to bring together LGBTQA social media users to discuss how we are using our tools to promote equality in Pennsylvania. Please note we deliberately include "A" for Allies as they are welcome to attend.

* 2. Please identify which of these dates/times you are available. The Summit will be held in Pittsburgh, specific location to be decided. It will be fully accessible, have free wi-fi and access to refreshments. There is no cost to attend. Please indicate all that are good dates for you.

* 3. Please identify which social media tools you are using in some manner to promote equality in Pennsylvania

* 4. Please describe how your promote equality using these tools. Use your own words :-)

* 5. What would you like to get out of an event like this?

* 6. Would you be interested in ongoing communication with others who attend or are interested in this Summit? Please indicate how you might like to stay connected

* 7. What is your name and email address? We need this information to send details about the Summit.

* 8. What is your Twitter handle? By sharing, you are giving us permission to connect your Twitter handle with tweets specifically identified as LGBTQA. If you prefer not to do that, simple monitor our twitter accounts for information (@TCWaters and @PghLesbian24)

* 9. We will do our best to create a welcoming, affirming environment for the Summit. We will try to provide some refreshments, but please be prepared to cover your own meal expenses. If you have any special requests or needs, please let us know.

* 10. Please share any general thoughts about this idea. We encourage you to share this survey with others who may be interested in attending. The focus is on LGBT Equality and social media. Allies are welcome. People new to social media are also welcome. Organizations are welcome to send representatives who areengaged in the social media; please be aware that the agenda will cover partisan and campaign issues. Send any feedback to pghlesbian@gmail.com (Sue)

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