Child Protection Feedback Form - Families

We would like to hear your views about the Child Protection Conference process as we are always looking for ways to improve our service, so please fill in this form.

The information you have put on the form will be kept strictly private and confidential and your name or other information will not show on any study report.

* 1. Name (Optional)

* 2. Date of Conference

* 3. Do you understand what a child protection conference is?

* 4. Has anyone spoken to you to help you to understand why people are concerned about your child/ren?

* 5. Who was that person?

* 6. Have you been spoken to in your preferred language of choice?

* 7. Did the Social Worker share their report with you at least 24 hours before the Conference?

* 8. If yes, were you helped to understand what was written in the report?

* 9. Did you complete an assessment and analysis of risk before the conference?

* 10. Was it shared with all members including you?

* 11. Did the Chair explain to you what was going to happen and who was going to be at the meeting before it started?

* 12. Did you understand?

* 13. Did the Chair introduce everyone in the conference and explain their role?

* 14. Did the Chair clearly explain to you what the concerns were? (past harm, future danger, grey areas and complicating factors)?

* 15. Do you feel that your views and wishes were listened to at the Conference?

* 16. Do you feel you were involved in the decisions made about your child/ren?

* 17. Did the Chair clearly explain to you what needs to change/happen?

* 18. At the end of the conference were you clear about what is going to happen next?

* 19. Any other comments