The Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) certification has long been recognized as the highest level of credentialing in rehabilitation counseling. There is no credential more comprehensive or reflective of the professional practice of rehabilitation counselors and the distinctive identity and knowledge base necessary to provide quality services for individuals with disabilities.

CRCC is committed to continuing to uphold the standards established for accredited certifying entities. These standards promote the establishment and refinement of eligibility criteria that provide reasonable access to the credential. These standards also promote a clear connection between examination content and research about the roles and functions of practitioners, which in turn informs the knowledge that should reasonably expected to have been gained prior to certification.

With these guiding factors in mind, in early 2016, CRCC directed its Standards & Examination Committee to begin a process of reviewing the CRC eligibility criteria culminating in a set of draft criteria that would align with the contemporary state of the profession of rehabilitation counseling. In addition, the following were carefully considered:
  • Data from the recent role and function survey of CRCs, which identified the areas of knowledge that are important for the practice of rehabilitation counseling.
  • Recent legislation that has impacted the practice of rehabilitation counseling.
  • Trends regarding the diverse educational and experiential backgrounds of individuals pursuing employment as rehabilitation counselors and the way in which education and experience is obtained.
  • Current employer and employee workforce needs.
  • The importance of honoring the philosophy of rehabilitation and approach to disability.
The Committee engaged in an iterative process over the course of the last 18 months resulting in these draft criteria that are being circulated for public comment.

We welcome your thoughtful consideration of these draft criteria and completion of this survey to share your feedback. Public comment will be reviewed by the Committee in order to submit a final recommendation to the CRCC Board of Directors.


Steven L. West, Ph.D., CRC
CRCC President
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