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The Sand Creek Schools Board of Education recently discussed the district's facility needs at an open board meeting.  Many areas of need were discussed, including the parking/traffic flow issues at the elementary building and the need for a multi-purpose  and performance art facility.

We have a traffic flow/parking issue at our elementary building.  Our staff does a great job keeping our students safe during drop-off and pick-up, but the truth is that this is a safety issue that needs a permanent fix.  I am sure to most of you, this need does not come as a surprise. 
However, you may be wondering about the need for a Multi-Purpose and Performance Art Facility?   

- Currently, our elementary cafeteria serves as our cafeteria, elementary gym, elementary assembly area and back-up athletic practice facility.

-The athletic practice schedule is very tight during the winter season, requiring practices and games to start right after school and go until late into the evening.  Often, teams have to hold 6 a.m. practices to get gym availability time.

 - The elementary students have a very tight lunch-time window.  Lunch time cannot begin until PE classes are done, which requires shorter meal times to get every class through.  Even with these short meal times, some students do not sit down to eat until past 1 p.m.

-With the great addition of winter competitive cheer, available practice/gym time will be even tighter this coming year.

A new Multi-Purpose and Performance Art Facility could fill many of these needs.

  • Elementary Gym:  This would free up the current cafeteria/gym area for elementary meal times giving more time for students to eat and more flexibility for elementary PE classes and events.
  • Performance Arts Facility:  This multi-purpose facility would include seating and a performance stage to be used by the performance arts and drama program in all grade levels.
  • Athletic Game and Practice Facility:  This multi-purpose facility would be a regulation size court to give more flexibility for practices and game schedules for all indoor sports.  Our practice and gym availability times are very tight and this added space would allow more flexibility and room for growth.
  • Traffic Flow and Parking Lot:   This project would include improvements to our traffic flow/parking lot issue at the elementary building, making it safer for students, staff and parents.

The Sand Creek Administration and Board of Education believes a facility addition like this is needed for the growth and advancement of our district and educational programming.  However, we would like to hear from our parents and community.

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey.  Your feedback is very important to us.

Thank you for your time.

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