1. Press Time Survey of the Week

* 1. A new billboard campaign along Interstate 26 highlights the poor water conditions in third world countries (www.watermissions.org), showing a child who has never had clean drinking water or another kid who walks four miles to get it. What is the plight that is being ignored by this campaign?

* 2. Offices across the country are dipping their toes into college basketball betting pools this weekend. What’s the best way for those of us with no knowledge of basketball to pick the winners?

* 3. Former Vice President Dick Cheney told CNN over the weekend that President Barack Obama is making the nation less safe because Obama is rolling back interrogation programs. What important piece of information are we missing by not ripping it out of detainees?

* 4. The newsstand price for The Post and Courier has increased from 50 cents to 75 cents. What will you get for the extra quarter?