1. PAYT Webinar Signup and Food Scraps Report Ordering

PAYT: Econservation Institute and EPA Region 9 are hosting a series of free webinars to help communities learn more about Pay-as-you-Throw, an incentive based garbage fee system that encourages residential recycling, composting and source reduction.

YOU MAY ALSO Sign up to receive the Food Scraps Report!

If you have any questions about previous webinars or the project, please feel free to contact Lisa Skumatz from Econservation Institute at skumatz@econservationinstitute.org or (303)494-1178

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. For which item(s) are you signing up?

* 3. Are you a...

* 4. IF YOU are signing up for PAYT...Beyond "the basics", which of the following specialty PAYT topics most interests you?

* 5. IF YOU are signing up for PAYT, what stage of PAYT are you in? (i.e.- just thinking about it, or, in the process of implementing)

* 6. IF you are signing up for the FOOD SCRAPS report, are you considering a program? What stage are you in?

* 7. If you know of other communities with PAYT, could you please list some of them (especially newer ones)? We're trying to complete the latest inventory of PAYT communities. Thanks!!

* 8. In addition to webinars and a website (www.paytnow.org), this project offers free help to communities trying to work on PAYT. If you think you might need some FREE assistance, let us know below. What kind of help?