The Wayne R. Woodward Philosophy in Action Award was established to recognize an individual, group of individuals, or organization that by act or deed, above and beyond the norm, personifies the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People.”

If awarded, the recipient or recipients will be announced at the Kentucky Credit Union League’s Annual Meeting Banquet.

Eligible nominees would include:
A.  An Individual acting alone. For example, this could be a credit union volunteer, a CEO or an employee.
B.  A group of individuals acting together. For example, this could be a group of employees or a group of volunteers.
C.  An organization that has done an extraordinary job of putting the credit union philosophy into action.

Employees of the Kentucky Credit Union League and its subsidiaries are not eligible.

Any official or employee of a League-affiliated credit union may submit a nomination. Nominations may be made without regard to chapter boundaries.To make a nomination for the Wayne R. Woodward Philosophy In Action Award, complete the Nomination and Biographical Form with as much background data as can be obtained. If additional pages are necessary, please email them to Vicki Hall at

Return the Nomination Form NO LATER THAN AUGUST 31, 2018.

The Executive Committee of the Kentucky Credit Union League shall judge the nominees for the Wayne R. Woodward Philosophy In Action Award and make selection based on the following criteria:

A.  Performance of an act or deed demonstrating their commitment to the practical application of the “People Helping People” philosophy of the credit union movement;
B.  The act or deed must have been above and beyond the normal activities associated with their position;
C.  The act or deed may have been performed within the credit union community, within the local community or, even on a wider scale.

* 1. Name of Candidate (Person, Group or Organization):

* 2. Credit Union (or Credit Unions involved):

* 3. Describe the Act or Deed performed:

* 4. What was the goal/objective and was it achieved?  

* 5. Describe the end result:

* 6. How does this demonstrate the Credit Union Philosophy?

* 7. Did the Act or Deed go beyond what was expected?  If yes, explain in detail:

* 8. Please include any additional details for the judging committee's consideration that you feel will enhance your nomination:

* 9. Your Contact Information: