1. Calling all persons with disabilities and DPOs

Please help Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY) to put disability issues at the centre of devolved government in Kenya. A government task force is asking what you think about a range of issues, including how the government should communicate with you, how you could be encouraged to participate and how devolved government should be made accountable.

Please help us make the most of this great opportunity to make sure that devolved government's structures bring to life some of the gains persons with disabilities have made in the constitution.

ANDY has attended public meetings to lobby on behalf of persons with disabilites, asking for - among other things - better communications in formats we can understand, meetings in disability-friendly public buildings, better access to education, and to make sure persons with disabilities are represented at all levels of government.

We are now writing a report to give to the task force which will contain the views of persons with a range of disabilities and the organisations which represent them. So please answer the questions below and make sure ANDY can tell the government hears your views.

* 1. Are you

* 2. If you are a person with a disability, please tell us which type of disability you have. if you represent a disabled persons organisation, please provide its name and the types of disability you work with.
You do not have to give us your name and contact details, but if you would like to be kept informed of ANDY's work to lobby the government, please give us your name and email address.

* 3. What information should the government give you to help you take part in devolved government?

* 4. How do you want the devolved government to give you information (for example radio broadcasts, newsletters, facebook, websites)?

* 5. Do you need any special communication methods because of your disability (for example, sign language interpreters at meetings or on the news, braille newsletters etc)?

* 6. How can minorities and marginalized groups in counties be protected?

* 7. 5% of representatives in the devolved government have to be persons with disabilities. The political parties will provide these representatives through placing their candidates on party list. What procedures do you think parties should follow to create these lists?

* 8. What controls and safeguards should be put in place to prevent misuse and inappropriate application of funds at the county level?

* 9. What should be the qualifications, leadership qualities, and experience of the governor, senator, county assembly members and county executive members?

* 10. What procedures should be put in place to make sure that the public can participate in and have influence in the county governments’ affairs?