1. Tell us about your company.

Is Human Resource Outsourcing a good fit for your company? Many companies are finding PEO's - Professional Employer Orgnaizations to be a perfect solution for attracting and retaining quality employees. Take this simple survey to get a better idea if a PEO is a good solution for you.

* 2. How many employees do you have?

* 3. How many Full Time and Part Time Employees do you have

* 4. Do you currently process New Hire Reporting?

* 5. How do you process your payroll?

* 6. Do you offer Direct Deposit to your employees?

* 7. Do you currently offer an Orientation Package for New Hires?

* 8. Do you have an Employee Manual?

* 9. For each of the following benefits please select the most appropirate answer

  Not Offered Satisfied With Current Looking for Options Want to Improve
Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Short Term Disability
Long Term Disability
401(k) or Retirement Program
Employee Perks Program
Christmas Club
Credit Union Membership
Fitness Club Membership

* 10. What is your annual "Payroll"?

* 11. What are your Workers Compensation Class Codes (List up to 5)

* 12. In the same order, enter the annual payroll dollars per Workers Compensation class code.

* 13. In the same order, enter the number of employees per Workers Compensation class code.

* 14. List any special comments, issues, or questions regarding your company here.

* 15. Please provide your contact information:

You will be contacted soon regarding your survey results. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at goodfit@peo.com

Thanks for completing the survey!