1. First Five Years Survey

The Special Libraries Association plans to enhance its services for information professionals who have graduated in the last five years. Please tell us what subject areas interest you, how you prefer to receive professional information, and how you see SLA as a partner in your career development.
There are 11 questions. You can respond in under 10 minutes.

* 1. In what year did you complete your MLIS/MLS or related program?

* 2. Which of the following topics would interest you?

  Very interested Somewhat interested Not interested
Dealing with stress at work
Dealing with difficult people at work
Learning management skills
Handling and giving performance appraisals
Interview preparation
Resume writing
Salary negotiation
Business attire
Understanding decision making
Understanding budgeting and financial documents
Developing proposals and business cases
Project management
Getting promoted
Navigating organizational culture
Communication skills

* 3. What other topics would you like to learn about from SLA?

* 4. How would you prefer to receive professional content?
(you can choose more than one)

* 5. Would you use a collaborative space where you could ask questions of experienced information professionals?

* 6. If yes, would you like to be able to submit anonymous questions?

* 7. Do you have other ideas for services SLA could provide to new professionals?

* 8. Where do you live?

* 9. What is your age range?

* 10. Are you currently an SLA member?

* 11. If no, what is the primary reason you aren't a member?

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