1. Implementing Recycling and PAYT in the Green Economy II

Implementing Recycling and PAYT in the Green Economy III
A free workshop on recycling options for Colorado communities and counties - given on November 19th 2009. This is a repeat performance with new and added material!

Programs around the state are making it clear that recycling can work in Colorado communities. Find out about new options for recycling and diversion and how they can help you reduce costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase jobs, and make your citizens happy.

The workshop, sponsored by Colorado Association for Recycling (CAFR), Ball Corporation, Colorado Municipal League, and SERA Inc. offers presentations by national and state experts in recycling, yard waste, and Pay As You Throw (PAYT) -- and the program leaves time for discussion and questions.

Who Should Attend: Community leaders, public works directors, elected officials, city managers, county and town administrators, solid waste management officials, recycling/sustainability coordinators, nonprofits and solid waste haulers. Register by answering the questions below!!

When: June 29th 2010
Where: On the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Campus (UCCS)

For more information about the workshop, contact Lisa Skumatz or Juri Freeman at 303/494-1178 or freeman@serainc.com or skumatz@serainc.com or Marjie Griek at mgriek@cafr.org / 303-975-6975

* 1. To register please provide us with the following information: