Please answer the multiple choices according to the information given in the content.
Choose only one answer that suites best.

* 1. Would you please share us your name again so that we can match both of your test results?

* 2. Which type of documentary content were you given?

* 3. What is the role of IgE in asthmatic response?

* 4. How are T helper cells types are distributed in normal lungs?

* 5. Role of dendritic cells in asthmatic response

* 6. Role of columnar epithelial cells in asthmatic response

* 7. Where does Dendritic cell’s chemokine attract T helper 2 to?

* 8. Differentiation of T helper 2 is actively induced by

* 9. How plasma cells are related to asthmatic response?

* 10. In asthmatic response, where are Eosinophil attracted to?