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* 1. Artist Details

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* 2. Entry Information

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* 3. Are you a Trash Rat? (An independent artist under 18).

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* 4. Payment - Humanitix Entry fee link

*If you are entering multiple individual artworks you will need a different receipt number for each entry.

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* 5. Artwork information

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* 6. Artist Statement - Describe the inspiration behind your work, how the materials moved you or what attachment you have to the media eg. I have used my grandmothers old chipped teapot or this was made from my old bicycle wheel and a chainsaw blade I got from the tip shop. This statement will be mounted with your work. (max 200 words)

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* 7. Is your artwork for sale?
The commission payable to Resource on the sale of items remains at 25% for your first item and 35% for any subsequent sales.

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* 8. If your artwork is for sale, please complete the following:

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All artworks will automatically be entered into their eligible award
category, if we are not sure we will contact you to confirm.

* Entry forms must be submitted by midnight on the 1st of July

* Artworks to be delivered Tuesday 16th of July 2024, 800am to 600pm
* Artworks to be collected Monday 29th July 2024, 800am to 600pm

Venue - Long Gallery - Level 2, Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart

Please remember it is the responsibility of the artists to deliver or arrange delivery of their artworks within the allocated times. Late artworks will not be accepted. A $50.00 per day fee is applied to all artworks not collected on time.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your artwork please contact the Art from Trash Coordinator Milson Barnard at


All artworks are to be made from salvaged or discarded materials.
All artworks are to be original work/s of the artist.
All delivery and collection is the responsibility of the artist.
A storage fee of $50 per day for each artwork not collected on time.
All sculptural work must be free standing. Plinths are limited,
if you provide your own it must be safe to handle.
All artworks to be hung on walls must be supplied with eyelets to allow for the use of the gallery hanging system.
Resource Work Cooperative Soc. Ltd. will not be responsible for loss or damage during the run of the exhibition.
Resource Work Cooperative reserves the right to photograph artworks in the exhibition for further use, including online and promotional use.
Resource Work Cooperative reserves the right to reject any artwork not deemed suitable or appropriate for the exhibition.

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