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ACT Mental Health Consumer Network 2022 Consumer Survey

EVERY mental health consumer who fills in this survey gets a $20 Woolworths or Coles gift card!
Who are we?
ACT Mental Health Consumer Network (the Network) is the peak body for mental health consumers in the ACT. We aim to: 

§  accurately represent the interests of mental health consumers to service providers, community and government at all levels;
§  facilitate meaningful communication between mental health service providers, consumers, carers and other stakeholders;
§  increase mental health literacy among consumers and service providers through participation and education;
§  give a voice to ACT mental health consumers through lobbying, education and representation; and
§  support the empowerment of consumers by valuing their experiences of the mental health system in the ACT.

You can find out more about us and our programs at  

Who is a ‘mental health consumer’?
A mental health consumer is a person who  

§  identifies as having lived experience of mental illness or disorder, past or present; and/or
§  has personally used a mental health service for their own mental health needs. 

Can I complete the survey?
We want to hear from mental health consumers who live and/or use services or programs in the ACT.  We do not require any information or proof of any diagnosis you may have. 

What is this survey about?
This survey is designed to gather information that will help us: 

§  improve and focus our advocacy for mental health consumers;
§  improve the way we receive and use feedback from consumers; and
§  meet the goals of our funding agreements.

Why should I bother?
We can’t promise that anything will change quickly, but we do promise to use the information you give us to improve what we do.

As thanks for your time, everyone who finishes a survey will receive either a

§  $20 Woolworths Group (Wish) gift card; OR
§  $20 Coles Group gift card.

You will need to provide your name to receive your gift card, but your name will not be associated with your survey responses.

How long will it take?
The survey will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. There are 35 questions, but sometimes you will be clearly to skip some questions in bold green text i.e., GO TO QUESTION X.  if they don't apply to you based on an answer you give.

What about confidentiality?
Answers to this survey will be used for research and planning only. None of your personal details or information will be connected to your survey answers.
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