Management of Arrhythmias in Heart Failure - Joshua M. Cooper, MD 

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* 1. 78 yo woman with persistent atrial fibrillation
EF  50% (2011), 45% (2013), 30% (2015)
On metoprololsuccinate 100mg bid, digoxin 0.125mg daily, lisinopril 20mg daily, warfarin 5mg daily, furosemide 20mg daily
Dyspnea with slow walking in the grocery store, mild leg edema
It was felt she had tachycardia cardiomyopathy


What is the most definitive method to improve CHF and quality of life?

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* 2. 56yo man presents with progressive dyspnea x 4 weeks
O2 sat 86% on room air, bilat crackles
Supplemental oxygen
Diuresis in Emergency Department, starts to feel better
EF 25% (no prior echo)


 What  is  the  best  long-term  strategy  to  manage  cardiomyopathy  and  CHF?

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* 3. A 61-year-old man with ischemic cardiomyopathy (EF 25%) and an ICD was doing well for several years, and now is admitted with 5 ICD shocks.
He recently had some worse exertional dyspnea and was taking extra furosemide at home.


Which  of  the  following  is  most  likely  to  explain  the  patient’s  VT  storm?

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* 4. A 39 yo woman presents with fatigue
Echo shows EF 30%, global hypokinesis
Cardiac caths hows normal coronaries
ECG shows frequent PVCs


What is the most appropriate management strategy?

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