M&O Questionnaire

Montclair Meeting of Friends -

To all Members and attenders:

Your Ministry and Oversight Committee, as part of our ongoing mission of and tending to the wellbeing of the community, NEEDS YOUR HELP AND YOUR INPUT. Please take the time to give us your quick responses... or long reflective ones.... to the questions below.

We hope responding will be a pleasant spiritual reflection. Or if you would prefer to speak with a member of M&O on the phone or in person please let us know that.

However you respond will be of help to M&O. Everyone’s input matters!

Question Title

* 1. How important to YOU are each of these Meeting functions?

  Not Important A bit important Somewhat important Important Very Important
Meeting for Worship
Seekers and other adult education programs
Religious Education for children – participating in it and/or being in touch with our children’s activities
Peace and social justice activities and programs – participating in or hearing about.
Sense of community
Serving on committees and doing other community work.

Question Title

* 2. What would you like more of from your Meeting experience? (check all that apply)

Question Title

* 3. What kind of formats appeal to you?  (check all that apply)

Question Title

* 4. How do you feel the Meeting, right at the present time, is doing at meeting your needs in areas listed?

  Poor. Needs Improvement Satisfactory. Good Excellent No Opinion
Supporting and nurturing my spirituality
Helping me learn, directly or indirectly about Quaker ways, norms, practices, values and actions
Supporting and nurturing my participation in social activism
Feeling part of a caring community

Question Title

* 5. Are there specific ideas you have for activities, programs, or other ways to further strengthen and vitalize the Meeting?

Question Title

* 6. How can you/ would you like to contribute to the Meeting?