International Cultural Heritage Practice Group

Please take the time to complete this survey and help us the committee to understand the direction that you (our 300+ members) would like this Special Interest Group to take...

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* 8. What do you hope to gain from this group (IPSIG)? Tick as many as apply to you

* 9. What do you hope to gain from IPSIG? Please select 1 for the most important down to 14 being the least important - the list will arrange itself according to your selections)

* 10. Are there any workshops, seminars or training sessions which you would like IPSIG to organise? Please provide details of perceived issues, skills gaps and potential topics. Would you be prepared to contribute to one of these events – if so, please email

* 11. What do you feel are the key challenges and joys in working in international heritage at the moment?

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