* 1. I know the name of my child's school counselor.

* 2. I would like to know more about the services the school counselor provides.

* 3. I know how to contact my child's school counselor.

* 4. I have had communication with my child's school counselor.

* 5. I feel comfortable talking with my child's school counselor about issues and concerns.

* 6. My child's school counselor provides resources and information to me as a parent.

* 7. I am aware that the school counselor talks with my child during classroom lessons, in small counseling groups, and/or individually.

* 8. I have encouraged my child to talk with the school counselor.

* 9. School counseling services have be helpful to my child.

* 10. Do you have any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding the school counseling program or counselors?

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