* 1. How do you find the general user interface?

* 2. How user friendly do you find Dev-C++? Does it take a lot of know-how and practice, or is it something you could jump into quite easily with little to no experience?

* 3. Are there any features you feel Dev-C++ should have (is lacking)?

* 4. Are there any features you feel Dev-C++ would be better without?

* 5. How useful and informative do you rate the Dev-C++ tutorial material that is made available to you?

* 6. Would/do you recommend Dev-C++ to friends, family or colleagues?

* 7. Roughly, how long have you been a user of Dev-C++?

* 8. Have you ever had to log a report or complaint due to a failure of Dev-C++ itself?

* 9. How do you use Dev-C++? For fun, leisure time, for work (professional game design and more)?

* 10. What is your favorite thing about Dev-C++? (this can be anything, from simple color schemes, to your most prefer features, you may have more than one favorite if you'd like.)

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