* 1. Please tell us a bit about you and your company:

* 2. What's your company's revenue?

* 3. If you have outsourced now or earlier, what functions have you outsourced?

**Skip the survey, if you have not outsourced ever**

* 4. What's the typical size (in revenue terms) of your outsourcing vendors?

* 5. How do you go about finding your outsourcing partner?

* 6. The methods and channels I use to find outsourcing partner are

* 7. I often feel that I am shooting in the dark when it comes to looking for outsourcing vendor companies

* 8. I miss a "GoTo" place on the internet, that lists and rates outsourcing companies

* 9. Opinion/Experience of friends and peers are ------- when selecting a vendor.

* 10. Would you pay for a platform that lists reviews of outsourcing companies and gives you the convenience of choosing a few to run a project?

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