* 1. What gender to you identify with?

* 2. What year are you in college?

* 3. What is your sexual orientation?

* 4. What is your age?

* 5. Please indicate what option best describes how you feel about each of the statements listed below. If you are not currently in an intimate relationship, please indicate how you felt and acted in your previous intimate relationships.

  Disagree Strongly Agree Strongly
I don't speak my feelings in an intimate relationship when I know they will cause disagreement
I rarely express my anger at those close to me
When it looks as though certain of my needs can't be met in a relationship, I usually realize that they weren't very important anyway
Instead of risking confrontations in close relationships, I would rather not rock the boat
When my partner's needs and feelings conflict with my own, I always state mine clearly
I think it's better to keep my feelings to myself when they do conflict with my partner's
When my partner's needs or opinions conflict with mine, rather than asserting my own point of view I usually end up agreeing with him/her
I speak my feelings with my partner, even when it leads to problems or disagreements
I try to bury my feelings when I think they will cause trouble in my close relationship(s)

* 6. Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Disagree Strongly Agree Strongly
If I were to have sex with someone, I'd show my partner what I want
I am confident that others will find me sexually desirable
It would bother me if a sexual partner neglected by sexual needs and feelings
Physically, I am an attractive person
I am able to ask a partner to provide the sexual stimulation I need
I would expect a sexual partner to be responsive to my sexual needs and feelings
I believe self-masturbating can be an exciting experience
I think it is important for a sexual partner to consider my sexual pleasure
It is okay for me to meet my own sexual needs through self-masturbation
If a partner were to ignore my sexual needs and desires, I'd feel hurt
I believe self-masturbation is wrong
I rarely think about the sexual aspects of my life
I spend time thinking and reflecting about my sexual experiences
I don't think about my sexuality very much
I am confident that a romantic partner would find me sexually attractive
I worry that I am not sexually desirable to others
It bothers me that I'm not better looking
I would not hesitate to ask for what I want sexually from a romantic partner
My sexual behavior and experiences are not something I spend time thinking about
I think about my sexuality

* 7. Hooking up is defined as an even where you were physically intimate (any of the following: kissing, touching, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex) with someone whom you were not dating or in a romantic relationship with at the time and in which you understood there was no mutual expectation of a romantic commitment.
Have you ever...

  Yes No
...hooked up with someone
...during a hookup, engaged in sexual touching above the waist
...during a hookup, engaged in sexual touching below the waist
...during a hookup, given oral sex
...during a hookup, received oral sex
...during a hookup, had intercourse (anal or vaginal)
...been at a party at college and seen 2 girls (who you believed to be heterosexual) kissing or making out?
...kissed or made out with someone of the same-sex at a college party
...encouraged someone else to kiss someone of the same gender at a party

* 8. Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Disagree Strongly Agree Strongly
In the right party setting, I would kiss someone of the same sex
Heterosexual girls kissing each other at parties is part of the college experience
In the right party setting, I would encourage two heterosexual girls to kiss each other
College students are expected to hook up
Hooking up is important to my social life
I would look at a female friend negatively if I found out she kissed another girl at a party
Everyone looks forward to hooking up in college
At parties, I routinely see others encouraging two heterosexual girls to kiss each other
Everyone looks forward to seeing two girls kiss each other at college parties
Hooking up is part of the college experience

* 9. Below is a series of statements concerning men and women and their relationships in contemporary society. Please indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with each statement.

  Disagree Strongly Agree Strongly
Feminists are making entirely reasonable demands of men
Women are too easily offended
Women, as compared to me, tend to have a more refined sense of culture and good taste
Women, compared to men, tend to have a superior moral sensibility
Women exaggerate problems they have at work
In a disaster, women ought not necessarily to be rescued before men
Once a woman gets a man to commit to her, she usually tries to put him on a tight leash
There are actually very few women who get a kick out of teasing men by seeming sexually available and they refusing male advances
Most women interpret innocent remarks or acts as being sexist
Feminists are not seeking for women to have more power than men
Most women fail to appreciate fully all that men do for them
Men are complete without women
Every man ought to have a woman whom he adores
A good woman should be set on a pedestal by her man
When women lose to men in a fair competition, they typically complain about being discriminated against
People are often truly happy in life without being romantically involved with a member of the other sex
many women have a quality of purity that few men possess
Women should be cherished and protected by men
Many women are actually seeking special favors, such as hiring policies that favor them over men, under the guise of asking for "equality"
Women seek to gain power by getting control over men
men should be willing to sacrifice their own order to provide financially for the women in their lives
No matter how accomplished he is, a man is not truly complete as a person unless he has the love of a woman