Technology Planning Survey

This survey is intended to measure community access to technology as well as guage perceptions on the role that technology should play in education.

* 1. ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY: Please identify those devices/services that you currently allow your students to access in your home.

  Currently have in home. Intend to purchase withing the next year. Do not have / would like. No interest in having in our home. Unsure / I am not familiar with this.
High Speed Internet
Dial Up Internet
Laptop Computer
Cell Phone
Smart Phone
Audio Player (mp3, iPod, etc.)
iPad Tablet
Tablet (non iPad)
Desktop Computer

* 2. How often do you use the school district's web site to access information?

* 3. TECHNOLOGY PLANNING: 1 to 1 programs provide an information technology device, such as a tablet or laptop computer, to each student. Do you support this type of program?

* 4. Would you like to see the district use an automated calling system?

(An automated calling system would allow the district to contact parents on wide variety of school related issues. Districts currently using these systems use them to update parents on important events, communicate on district issues, even notify on school closings and delays.)