* 1. Contact information for Festival Liaison:

This is the person you would like all information about Dramafest to be sent to. They can be the show director, theatre president, or another person who can be responsible for all Dramafest correspondance. No other person nominated on this form with be contacted in reference to your show entry.

* 2. Preferred method of contact for Dramafest and Youthfest correspondance:

* 3. Name of play and author:

* 4. Director:

* 5. Producer, school, or theatre company presenting this play:

* 6. Category of competition this play is to be submitted for in Dramafest 2017.
Please check the competition rules to ensure your play is entered in the correct category:

* 7. Expected length of performance in minutes:

* 8. Are any cast or production crew being paid for their involvement with this play?


We accept full responsibility for obtaining performance rights for the 2017 DramaFest performance of the above play. We will also obtain performance rights for music used within the play (excluding introductory & curtain music). The completion and return of this form indemnifies the ITA from any legal responsibility due to the non-payment of royalties.

We will enclose payment of $30 for this entry into Dramafest 2017 before the closing date (4th August 2017).

(Payment details will be sent to the nominated festival liaison after this form is submitted. No entry will be accepted until the payment has been made.)