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Survey Objectives

This survey targets social media and their diffusion and impact within organizations, with two ambitious goals:

  1. analyze the patterns of utilization and integration of social media applications into HRM processes in a large sample of companies at the international level, in order to
  2. identify a theoretical model for social media integration that paves the way for a complete re-crafting of the HR function, its roles, and its goals.

Your contribution is crucial, YOU are a key observer and at times a key actor of what is happening and by filling out this questionnaire you can help us develop sound research.


Data collected are protected by assigning a numeric code to any single respondent. On a separate file, the numeric code assigned is paired to company names. Only researchers will have access to this latter file.

Your responses are combined with those of many others and summarized in a report, which will be made available to respondents and their organizations and discussed at events organized for survey participants.

Combined results will be used for research purposes.

If you have questions or concerns about this operation or design of this survey, please email Adam Ayres.