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As a General member of the IAB, your vote is required on a proposed resolution to change the Bylaws of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. This resolution will permit the creation of a new classification of membership – Affiliate Member - which we will offer to publishers with interactive revenues less than $1 million and fewer than 5 employees.

The resolution reads:

"RESOLVED, that the General Members of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Inc. do agree, approve, consent to the amendment and modification of the By Laws of the Corporation, effective as of June 15, 2008, as shown in the attached marked version of the Amended and Restated By Laws of the Corporation and further adopt the unmarked, clean version thereof, a copy of which is also attached as the By Laws of the Corporation, effective as of June 15, 2008."

The unmarked and clean versions of the By Laws can be found at www.iab.net/bylaws. Also included in the amended By Laws are some "housekeeping" changes: modifications to Section 13.8 to accurately reflect some legal requirements and addition of Section 13.10 to avoid confusion between formal "Board" committees and general working committees that get commissioned from time to time.

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