Impact survey - first quarter Sept-Nov 2016

Optometry Australia launched the Good vision for life consumer campaign in early September 2016. This national campaign is designed to raise awareness of optometry and community eye health and vision care with the goal to encourage Australians to have regular eye examinations throughout life. The warm and friendly campaign direction is underpinned by the key messages of the value to the Australian community for prevention and early detection.

At the centrepiece of the campaign is a new consumer website – – which is the campaign’s primary call-to-action, supporting a wide range of eye health and vision information as well as a Find an optometrist search functionality.

The campaign supports a strong digital element including online advertisements, social media and video, as well as radio and a moderate TV campaign. It has been designed to appeal to a target audience of 40-59 year old Australians, the majority who have children under 18, are still in the workforce and have ageing parents.

We would welcome your feedback by 5:00pm AEST Friday 16 December, on the impact of Good vision for life on patient bookings, if any, by asking you to answer our quick quarterly survey that should take less than two minutes to complete. Your feedback will be unidentified.