Share your thoughts! What is needed in our public spaces? What do we need more of? Less of?

* 2. How often do you visit Downtown?

* 3. What do you imagine might enliven downtown public spaces?

* 4. What do we need more of in our public spaces?

* 5. What do we need less of in our public spaces?

* 6. Did you participate in a Library Pop-Up makerspace event?

* 7. If Yes, which Pop-Up event location did you participate?

* 8. Did you enjoy the Pop-Up Mobile Makerspace?

* 9. How did you participate at the Pop-Up?

* 10. What was your favorite material to use during the Pop-Up?

* 11. Do you feel like you learned anything about public spaces and public space design at the Pop-Up?

* 12. If you are interested in being contacted to discuss the project in more detail please provide your name and email below.

* 13. Comments/Suggestions/Feedback