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The Family Policy Council, Community Networks, and our partners are gathering an inventory of service change related to brain science, the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, historical trauma, and resiliency research. We are doing this so that the wisdom of Washington people will guide service improvement. By service, we mean any action that is designed to improve the knowledge, skills, attitude, behavior, status or norms of people, organization(s) or community.

During the past decade or two, researchers delivered break-through news about the impact of toxic stress on brain development during childhood, the relationship between adverse childhood experience and population health, the link between historic trauma and intergenerational stress, and resilience – what individual, family and community assets and protective factors make the most difference.

This survey includes 11 questions and the result will be reviewed by the Family Policy Council staff. The gathered data will be rolled into reports and recommendations for community partners, state agencies, and the legislature.

Please include your contact information so we can follow up with you in case more detail is necessary to accurately relay your significant contribution to system improvement. This personal information will be used for internal purpose only and will not be shared or sold and will not be otherwise distributed without consent.

Please contact the Family Policy Council with any further questions or concerns: FPCStaff@dshs.wa.gov

Thank you and let's begin!