This is a brief survey designed to help Warfactory gather information about "Pay-to-Play" LANs. Economic times are tough, but with a little teamwork and coordination we can continue to have cash prizes at events.

* 1. How many team members do you have in your clan/group?

* 2. What PC game or games do you want to compete in? (Select as many as you have interest in).

* 3. For a "pay to play" tournament, how much would you be willing to pay ... including the cost of admission?

* 4. For your tournament of choice, what is the MINIMUM cash payout (for an entire team) which would make a tournament worth your attention? NOTE: Keep in mind that ALL prizes must come from admission.

* 5. Would you and your entire team be willing to pre-pay/commit to the event?

* 6. If you had the ability to "vote" for one or more tournaments to have influence over the event, would you do it?