FOOTPRINTS 4 Autism is a volunteer-driven charity dedicated to providing respite care for families with children and youth diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Since 2004, FOOTPRINTS has been making a difference by providing the precious gift of time. A gift that allows parents, siblings and caregivers to tend to other needs without the additional demands of caring for their child with Autism. Children see FOOTPRINTS as their own 'social club' - accepted and supported for who they are in a caring and safe environment.

Since 2015, FOOTPRINTS 4 Autism has been running Together We 'Hang', a weekly social program for youth with Autism and their peers. Currently, we have two programs in progress (4-6 pm) on Mondays at the Whitby Library and Wednesdays at the Pickering Library. 

We have had wonderful feedback about Together We 'Hang', however we would like to hear from the community on how we can make it better. We appreciate your input - it will assist us with planning and securing funding.

Estimated time to complete - 3 minutes.

* 1. Age Group of individual with Autism.

* 2. Relationship with individual.

* 3. Is your child/individual currently attending Together We 'Hang'?

* 4. Has your child/individual attended sessions in the past, but is not currently attending?

* 5. What type of programming would you like to see made available for your child/individual?

* 6. Preferred time of program.

* 7.
Thank you for your time. We appreciate your input. 
If you have additional comments or ideas, please add them here.