Aging and Disability Resource Center Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for your time and input on the KIPDA Aging and Disability Resource Center.

* 1. The KIPDA staff who spoke with you was friendly and courteous.

* 2. Were you able to speak with someone at KIPDA within one business day of your initial call?

* 3. The information you received from KIPDA was clear and understandable.

* 4. The information and assistance you received from KIPDA helped you make a decision or find the service you needed.

* 5. The information you received from KIPDA was accurate.

* 6. Is this the first time you have contacted KIPDA?

* 7. Would you recommend KIPDA to someone else?

* 8. Were there any issues or problems with the service provided by KIPDA?

* 9. Is there anything you would like to comment on regarding your KIPDA service?